Here are some functionality updates, fixes and new features being introduced in WERCSmart with the update being scheduled in the near future.  Please watch for your WERCSmart Notifications for specific release date information.

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Home Page View – Date Registration Revised (Enhancement):

WERCSmart Users would like to see more information related to transactional dates on their registrations.  Currently, users can see the date the registration was originally created.

We’re adding more information to help you manage your portfolio.  We’re now including information for the last revision date which is the date you most recently submitted the registration information.  This would include actions taken with regarding to a UPC update on the registration, forwarding to a new retailer, or when the data was revised and resubmitted.

Home Page View – Retailer Listing (Enhancement):

The retailer listing on each registration, historically, has been presented based on the order that the retailer was added to the registration.  Managing this view, as well as the assortment of retailer listings on multiple registrations, can be hard on the eyes.

We’ve updated this to now be sorted, on each registration, in alphabetical order and we’ve expanded this to be more than one row, giving more visibility to many retailer associations at a glance.

Message Center:

No Enhancements or Fixes

Registration of Products:

Flash Point and Testing Method (Enhancement):

If a product’s Flash Point is less than, or equal to, 60 Celsius, Transportation regulations require that the flash point testing method be Closed Cup. 

To reflect this requirement in WERCSmart, the Open Cup testing method is no longer valid when the Flash Point entry is below 61 Celsius.

Copying Kit Registration for New Registration (Fix):

When a WERCSmart User is using the “copy existing registration” option on a new registration, and intends to copy a registration that is a Kit, the resulting new registration will be required to be a Kit as well.

Registration Availability for Updates (Enhancement):

Trying to meet deadlines and juggle the various tasks can be chaotic in all aspects of Product Management.  And having to wait to do a simple thing, like a UPC addition to a registration, can add to the chaos.  WERCSmart has now reduced the interruption time on your registrations. 

WERCSmart Users can Forward a registration or update UPCs on a registration when the registration is in the following statuses:

  • Not Yet Submitted
  • Sending to Retailers
  • Accepted by Retailers

We are working on a future enhancement that will have the registration in “Assessment in Progress” status for less time, further making the data available to you when you need it.

Uniform Product Code (UPC)

Target DPCI Updates and Data Transfer to Target (Fix):

WERCSmart Users who provide registration / assessments to Target need to provide a Target-issued DPCI on each registration’s UPC that is to go to Target.  There are times when Target will require a revision to the DPCI number on a UPC. 

Recently, there were reported issues relating to the DPCI revision transferring to Target in the proper manner and WERCSmart Users were instructed to contact WERCSmart Support to request a re-feed on the registration information.

This situation is now fixed and re-feed requests are no longer necessary.  Target will, in a timely manner, receive the DPCI/UPC update information when submitted by the WERCSmart User.

As a reminder, Target has a daily data transfer schedule, that occurs once per day.

Summary View:

Purchasing Additional Documents – No Acceptance Required for Unchanged Data (Enhancement):

When purchasing additional documents for a registration, after the registration has already been made and when no data has changed in the registration itself, will go right to the purchasing processing.  In the past, the WERCSmart User would have to accept the data again, even when nothing changed, just to purchase an additional document or report for the registration.

Summary View – Viewing Related Documents (Enhancement):

On the actions options for a registration, when viewing the registration data (View), Customers wanted to review the documents uploaded within the registration process while viewing, rather than having to use the Documents action item on the registration.  The View will now have a View option on the document within the Summary, when a document is uploaded by the WERCSmart User within the registration.  This will provide quick and easy access to the document.


Purchase Confirmation (Fix):

When a WERCSmart Administrator enrolls in subscription, the Administrator is to receive verification that the subscription processed successfully and be informed what the next steps are in the process.  This verification, or “thank you” was missing and it has now returned.

Upon completion of enrollment, the Administrator will see:

Thank you for enrolling in a subscription plan. You’ve successfully submitted your first registration for assessment!

What happens now? Our team of Assessment Professionals will review your product’s data and provide information to your recipient for proper handling, transport and storage. The assessment process takes about two (2) business days to finalize and then is transferred to your recipient. Your product’s registration data remains in our database.

The UL WERCSmart team works with you to provide over 40 retailers critical product information to on-board your products while keeping the recipient’s employees, consumers and the environment safe. UL is committed to helping you monitor and manage your product’s data needs with the highest standard of confidentiality and service. Should you need any assistance regarding your registration, please visit the Support area’s Solution Center, or contact one of our professional Support Team Representatives.


Beauty and Personal Care Sustainability Survey Option (Enhancement):

WERCSmart will allow Account Administrators to designate a person, or team, in their organization, to have access to submit Surveys through PurView®.  An access request form is available on our Support Team’s Solution Center.

PurView Access Request Form

WERCSmart requires the proper Data Tier consent be established in the account for the specific retailer.  Currently, Target has an initiative for Sustainability Surveys using the PurView® platform and Tier 3 Data Consents in WERCSmart are necessary.  Data Tier Consent is specific to some Retailers and is in the My Retail Partners area of WERCSmart.

Another requirement for participation is a minimum subscription level of Limited+.  To upgrade your subscription, Administrators will go to the My Account area of WERCSmart and can use the upgrade option.