WERCSmart representatives hit the road and headed to the Hasbrouck Heights Hilton in New Jersey to meet with 50 WERCSmart Users representing more than 40 organizations.

Here are some highlights of topics and discussions from the Summit:

  • Why WERCSmart Users Attended:
    • Understanding Data Tier Consents
    • Bridging the Retailer Gap
    • Understanding Recertification / Update of Registrations
    • Understanding E-Commerce Compliance

What’s Coming, and What’s Available Now, for WERCSmart Users:

  • SupplyChain Network
    • An innovative solution to alleviate the manual processes and complexities associated with sharing product information across a supply chain.
  • UL Prospector®
    • UL Prospector® is a material and ingredient search engine that helps product developers, formulators and engineers easily find ingredients and materials along with relevant regulatory and technical information. 
  • California Proposition 65 Data Collection Revisions
    • Revised Prop 65 questions, which will appear in WERCSmart around August 2018, in advance of the regulatory update of August 30, 2018, were reviewed.  For more information on the revisions, review the Prop 65 article on the WERCSmart Solutions Center.

Feedback Topics from WERCSmart Customers:

  • Recertification and Updates to Registrations:

Users want clear information, in advance of an issue, with regard to registration updates being required.

The direction provided when a product is put into Recertification, or Update, is not always clear to the User and the User has to try to figure out what exactly is needed to finalize the Update on their own and this is all done at a time when urgency of the User is paramount.

  • WERCSmart Communication Improvements Needed:

There is a gap in communication between WERCSmart and the Merchandiser.  There are times that the Supplier’s contact for WERCSmart is different than the contact the Merchandiser / Retailer works with. 

The representative at the Supplier organization that works with the Merchandisers or Retailer, may not know the WERCSmart requirements, or even if the organization has a WERCSmart User already established.

WERCSmart Users may not be aware of issues, deadlines or delays until it is too late, putting the Retail contract at stake.

  • Subscription and Product Registration Management:

WERCSmart Users remove registrations from their account when the product is no longer being provided to the marketplace or is no longer being manufactured.  Many of the WERCSmart Users have organizational policies to remove data from WERCSmart two (2) years after manufacturing and distribution for a product have ended. Therefore, the data is no longer maintained by the Supplier, even if the Retailer may have inventory.  WERCSmart should allow the Retailer to see the most recently provided assessment information on the registration, even if the Supplier has removed the registration from their organization’s WERCSmart account.  This will ease the burden of the WERCSmart User having to maintain, and have a subscription that is not representative of their active products.

  • Ingredient Upload and Management:

WERCSmart Users would like the ability to upload ingredients into their registrations.  Attendees were reminded of the new WERCSmart 2.0 feature in the My Account area where a Master List of ingredients can be managed and maintained by the WERCSmart User.  When in the registration process, on the Ingredient table, the user can use “My Ingredients” to populate the information into a registration by selecting ingredients from the Master List.  Also, WERCSmart has a product called WERCSLink which allows for import of data into WERCSmart, including ingredients. 

  • Secure Data:

WERCSmart Users, who provide very detailed and highly confidential information about their products, are rightfully concerned about the security of the data they provide. 

WERCSmart uses encryption of the data as a security measure and is also ISO 27001 Certified.  WERCSmart is regularly audited, for secure data purposes.

  • Bulk Actions:

WERCSmart Users would like the ability in WERCSmart to take action on multiple product registrations at once.  For example, if a new question is added due to a regulatory change, rather than having to update each registration individually, provide a method to respond to the question, in bulk, for the necessary registrations.

  • Report of Waste Classifications:

WERCSmart Users also want more visibility into the waste classification placed on their registration, which is used by the Retailers.  Waste Classification Reporting is coming soon to WERCSmart!

  • Overall Speed and Performance:

Concerns were noted by the WERCSmart Users of issues regarding overall speed and performance with regard to screen loading times and transition times.  It was also mentioned that the loading bar that appears at the top is not visible enough.

  • Retailer Assessment Availability Schedule:

Users noted it would be helpful to know the frequency of Retailer Data Transfers of Assessments.

Additionally, work needs to be done by the WERCSmart team on the ongoing issues when items are seemingly stuck in the data transfer mode.

  • Lithium Battery Air Transport:

When registering items that are, or contain, a lithium battery, WERCSmart Users would like the Air Transport options to be improved.  Improvements in this area would reduce rejections or suspensions of Registrations and avoid delays.

The Northeast WERCSmart Supplier Summit was a time to share concerns, provide information, and get to know each other.  The WERCSmart team has a lot of take-away items to consider as we  continue to improve WERCSmart for Suppliers and Retailers alike and we appreciated this collaborative time together.  We’re looking forward to more experiences like this in the future.

As always, Users don’t need to wait for a Summit in their region to provide feedback or ask questions about WERCSmart.  You can contact our Support Team with questions, or use the Feedback option in the Support ticket area to offer your ideas on making WERCSmart better!