The scope of this KPI includes water scarcity mapping at facilities that produce beauty and personal care raw materials and final products for sale in the United States.

Tools that can be used to perform water scarcity mapping include, but are not limited to, those in the Resources section.


World Resources Institute - Aqueduct Measuring and Mapping Water Risk:  WRI created the global water risk mapping tool, Aqueduct, which uses 12 indicators to map where and how water risks and opportunities occur globally.

Global Water Tool:  This tool from World Business Council for Sustainable Development creates maps of water use and assesses corresponding risks.


Public disclosure:  Voluntary corporate reporting, sustainability reporting programs, or reporting as part of regulatory compliance.

Raw material:  The basic materials from which a product is made.  Raw materials are composed of synthetic or naturally derived ingredients or ingredient blends and may contain unintentionally added chemicals that are incidental or contaminants.

Water scarce area:  A geographical area that lacks access to adequate quantities of water for use by humans and the environment.