The scope of this KPI includes water use at facilities that produce beauty and personal care ingredients for products sold in the United States.  Impacts for products sold in other regions are not to be considered.

  • Calculate SCE 7b as the total spend on ingredient suppliers for your beauty and personal care products sold in the United States that reported their annual water use, divided by the total spend on all ingredient suppliers for your beauty and personal care products sold in the United States, then multiply by 100.
  • Perform these calculations using data from a 12-month period that ended within 12 months of the completion date of this questionnaire.
  • Supplier water use reporting can occur through public disclosure or private disclosure from the supplier to your organization directly or through another party.
  • If suppliers responded to the most recent CDP Water Information Request, you may refer to each supplier's CDP Water responses (in the 2018 information request, refer to questions W1.2: Company-Wide Water Accounting or W5.1 Facility-Level Water Accounting to determine if they report water use).


CDP Water Information Request

The CDP Water Information Request provides questions that assess a company's water use, goals, and management.  The report provided by CDP provides the overview of the results from companies responding to the request.  CDP can be contacted to respond to the Water Information Request.

GRI G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines

The GRI G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines provide a standard set of metrics for companies to report on material environmental, social, and economic impacts, actions, and outcomes.


Water Use:  Water use is defined as total withdrawals from municipal and private water providers, surface water, groundwater, or wells.

Public Disclosure:  Voluntary corporate reporting, sustainability reporting programs, or reporting as part of regulatory compliance.