The scope of this KPI includes company-level activities for manufacturers that sell beauty and personal care products in the United States.  Company-level activities for products sold in other regions are not to be considered.

  • Responsible sourcing may be demonstrated by second or third party verification that the raw material has been harvested or produced legally and in a way that minimizes damage to the environment, workers, and communities.
  • For D, a risk assessment can include an on-site audit by a second or third party, or a first party systematic risk assessment of suppliers identified as high risk through supply-chain environmental risk mapping.


Risk assessment: A systematic process to evaluate potential risks within an operation, system, or supply chain. It can include an on-site audit by a second party or third party or a country risk classification analysis that judges the site risk due to prevailing conditions, controls, or other mitigating factors.

Public Disclosure: Voluntary corporate reporting, sustainability reporting programs, or reporting as part of regulatory compliance.