For this KPI, ingredient function is to be determined by teh manufacturer making the formulation and must comply with United States regulations where applicable (e.g., OTC active ingredient purpose).

  • For B, disclosure of function cannot occur via palette list.
  • For B, online disclosure includes publicly available websites (desktop or mobile) as well as making ingredient information electronically available at shelf (e.g., via SmartLabel, QR code, or mobile apps).  Electronic disclosures via these means must occur through manufacturer-based efforts and not via third party websites or services.


Grocery Manufacturer’s Association - SmartLabel™: SmartLabel™ provides a standardized approach for the ingredient disclosure of food, home, and personal care products to consumers. Ingredient information is accessible via manufacturer-based websites, QR codes on packages, or from the SmartLabel™ website.


Intentionally added ingredient: An ingredient that provides a function in the final formulation or is present as a result of producing a final formulation for safe use by consumers.  

Public disclosure: The act of making information available and readily accessible to consumers.  

Unintentionally added ingredient: An ingredient that provides no function in a final formulation and is not present as a result of formulating a product for safe use by consumers (e.g., pH balancing by acids or bases). Unintentionally added ingredients include incidental ingredients and contaminants.