• For B, the product sales packaging may be composed of a material that is not recyclable or may contain non-recyclable components which can prevent it from being recycled.
  • For C, an example of a program that provides infrastructure for product takeback includes, but is not limited to, TerraCycle.
  • For D, the product's sales packaging may contain non-recyclable components that do not prevent the recyclable components from being recycled.
  • For E, the product's sales packaging would be recyclable but is small in form, so may have limited recyclability depending on the infrastructure avable where sold.
  • For F, the product's sales packaging must be recyclable at curbside in the jurisdictions where it is sold.


TerraCycle:  TerraCycle is a recycling company that deals with hard-to-recycle waste and offers free recycling programs and recycling solutions for purchase for almost all forms of waste.