Managing UPCs is a challenge for everyone - Suppliers of Products and the Retailers who receive the assessment reports.

Why is managing UPCs on registrations in WERCSmart important?  There are several reasons.

Assessment Accuracy

Registration data is reviewed by the WERCSmart system in multiple ways.  There is logic and automation output generated by the system, based on the registration information.  Additionally, we have a team of Professionals, with regulatory, toxicology, chemical and other scientific backgrounds, that review the data points, automation output, and documentation, who provide additional classification data for the registration.  If there are UPCs associated to the registration, that don't share the traits of the data provided, the accuracy of the assessment is then questionable.  Assessment data is based on the information provided by the Supplier and the data should be properly assigned to the UPCs.

Overall Registration Management

Have you ever attempted associating a UPC to a registration, only to get through the process and find that the UPC you're adding to the registration is already associated to another registration?  You then have to stop the process, find the other registration, update the original item, submit it, then go back and resume your work.  You've lost valuable time and effort and get frustrated with the process.  As noted earlier, Assessment Accuracy is important to all users of the WERCSmart system, so duplication of UPCs is prevented by WERCSmart.  Knowing what registrations your UPCs are on is important to you.  To assist you in knowing if a UPC is already on a registration, there are several options available in WERCSmart.

1.  My Reports:

UPC Report for All Products with Retailer

This report will provide you with an Excel file that displays all UPCs you've registered in the WERCSmart system, and let you know what Registration they're associated with, as well as what specific retailer has received the UPC's Assessment.  You can easily search, or sort, the file for the information needed.

UPC Report for Specific Product with Retailer

If you're not sure if a UPC is already on a registration, this report will give you the information you need, using an Excel file.  Selecting this report, you then will be prompted to provide the WERCSmart Registration ID and the output file will be generated for your review.

Active UPCs for Products Report

Various types of registrations in WERCSmart have UPC limitations, or caps, set which allows for proper data transfer of the Assessments to the Retailers.  The majority of WERCSmart registrations have a maximum of 500 active UPCs, whereas some battery registrations have a maximum of 5 UPCs.  Want to know how many active UPCs you have on your registrations, to assist you in your UPC management?  Generating this Excel file in WERCSmart will let you know, for each registration, what the current number of active UPCs are.

2.  Home Page Filtering:

Before you add a UPC to a registration, and to avoid having to go back and forth between registrations, it may be helpful to see if the UPC is already associated to a registration.  Using this filter on the Home Page, you can search your registrations and see if the UPC search provides any results.  This allows you to archive or delete the registration so you can then update UPCs on another registration, to properly associate the UPC.

If you've maxed out the UPCs on a registration, here are some things to consider:

  • Do I have UPCs on the registration that are no longer valid?
  • Is the UPC I'm adding appropriate for the registration data I've provided, or should this be a new registration?  

Any variations in metals, pigments, batteries or light bulbs should result in an additional registration, as this may impact the classifications on the Assessment of the registration.  Also, any differences in Transportation data, which may be impacted by the size of the product associated, would require a separate registration.  

Currently WERCSmart requires UPCs.  If you have an EAN, or other identifier, please check with your retailer for more information on what they require for identification of your WERCSmart registration.  UPCs in WERCSmart must be a minimum of 12-digits and include the check digit.  Some retailers may not want the check digit for their internal systems, but it is required on the WERCSmart registration.