The rating system used consists of 32 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that have been grouped into four (4) thematic clusters:

  • Packaging
  • Disclosure
  • Human Health
  • Supply Chain and the Environment

The response options for each of the KPIs have been crafted to include product attributes or company activities at both the introductory as well as leadership or aspirational levels.  As such, this system can be used by retailers to differentiate a wide range of products in the beauty and personal care space and can be used as a resource for manufacturers regardless of where they are in their sustainability journey.

Under this system, the most "sustainable" products are those that embody ambitious (high-scoring) attributes from companies pursuing leadership activities.  The broad nature of the cluster topics along with the ability of the system to track manufacturer practices throughout a product's life cycle ensure that a thorough and holistic sustainability assessment is made.  Additionally, the use of this rating system by multiple retailers provides a clear and aspirational market signal for manufacturers to work towards for more sustainable products.  This level of retailer alignment alleviates the complexities of manufacturer data collection and reporting burden that currently exist in the marketplace.  Although retailers will be independently applying this system and providing brands with incentives to achieve their sustainability goals, it can be used proactively by brands to highlight individual products in their portfolio that represent the best of the best in product sustainability.