We want you to be informed.  As part of our effort to keep you up to date on WERCSmart matters, we will periodically send emails through a 3rd Party distribution system.  The notifications could pertain to a feature enhancement being made, issues being fixed within WERCSmart, site maintenance, and other functional items.  As an enrolled WERCSmart user or administrator, you are unable to opt-out of these notifications, as they are required to be provided to you.

Other emails you may receive, as a participant in the WERCSmart program, are items related to providing information about other UL Products.  These are optional emails and are not based on user-functionality and general product communication, specific to WERCSmart.  You may opt out of receiving these notifications, per user.

Further questions about the restriction on opting out of WERCSmart notification emails, not related to marketing of other products available to UL, please contact the Customer Support team for further clarification or assistance.