Suppliers may request WERCSmart database information.  If/when they do, there is a form that must be sent to them to complete (attached below).  Here is the process that is to be followed.

The process for these types of requests are similar to a Retailer Query request and the following steps should be followed:

  1. Supplier submits request for database information
  2. Support representative provides the form to the supplier requesting Supplier to complete and submit via FD ticket
  3. Once Supplier returns the completed form the Support representative will need to forward to Joe for his review & approval. Joe will provide any additional data codes that IT may require in order to run the query
  4. Once Joe approves Support representative will submit TFS and include the query request form along with any additional data codes/information from Joe
  5. Once the query results have been processed by IT, and provided via TFS back to Support representative, Joe will need to review and approve and then it needs approval from Frank Adams before the results are provided to the supplier.