Are you a WERCSmart supplier with multiple product registrations that share common ingredients? Building a Master Ingredient List (or ingredient library) prior to entering product data in formulation tables can greatly help speed up product registration time and reduce chances for error.

The Master Ingredient List becomes your library of common ingredients frequently used in your product formulations. Once the library is built, its ingredients can then be accessed when entering formulation table information during product registration; eliminating the need to manually re-enter common ingredient data for each product registration.


How to create a Master Ingredient List

First, go to "My Account", then to "My Library" where you will be able to create your Master Ingredients List by adding your common ingredients in the "My Ingredients" table.

Begin to enter your ingredients by either typing in the ingredient name or search by name or CAS number. Repeat these steps for each common ingredient. Throughout the process, you can establish your default settings for items such as the ingredient being publicly available or ones that should be listed as a trade secret.

Accessing your list for product registration

When its time to enter ingredients into the formulation table during product registration, your new ingredient library can be easily accessed for each entry by dropdown. Default settings from your list can be customized or changed for individual product registrations without effecting the original master ingredient entry into the library.



Spending a little time in the beginning to build your ingredient library can save a lot of time in the end when registering your products.


If you have interest in learning more how to build a Master Ingredient List, please reach out to our Customer Service Team by submitting a service ticket or send a chat request. We look forward to helping!