Are you a WERCSmart supplier with multiple product registrations that share common ingredients? Building a Master Ingredient List (or Ingredient Library) prior to entering product data in formulation tables can reduce product registration errors and save you time.

The Master Ingredient List becomes your library of common ingredients frequently used in your product formulations. Once the library is built, ingredients can be accessed easily when entering formulation table information during product registration; eliminating the need to manually re-enter common ingredient data for each product registration.

In this article, you will learn how to:

  • Set up a Master Ingredient List

  • Add ingredients

  • Indicate Trade Secrets

  • Indicate Public Disclosures

  • Use the bulk update option to active registrations that share common ingredients

  • Use your Master Ingredient List to speed product registration

Setting up a Master Ingredient List

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First, go to "My Account", then to "My Library" where you will be able to create your Master Ingredients List by adding your common ingredients in the "My Ingredients" table.

Adding ingredients

You may start to populate your ingredients using the search feature. Please note the Ingredient Library does not maintain percentages, as this information is specific to your registration itself.


Setting up an Ingredient Library with existing registrations – If you have existing registrations already built within your account, please contact our Support Team to request your Ingredient Library be populated using your account’s existing ingredients that are contained in your completed registrations. You can then maintain the Ingredient Library after the information is completed by our IT Team.

Indicating trade secrets

To indicate a trade secret in order for the ingredient to be used in product registration, simply elect “Trade Secret” for the ingredient (1). You will not be able to indicate a Public Name for the Ingredient (2). To remove the trade secret setting on the ingredient, simply click again and the indicator will be removed.

Indicating public disclosures

Similar to indicating trade secrets, you can indicate the ingredient as Publicly Disclosed (1) and select a Public Name for the ingredient (2)(3). The Public Name within a specific registration is able to be changed in the future if necessary.

Using the bulk update option to active registrations that share common ingredients

Bulk update management – When changes occur in your Ingredient Library, there is a bulk update option that will carry any ingredient changes into all active registrations. Select the icon as indicated below.

WERCSmart will display the list of registrations that utilize the selected ingredient so you may revise the disclosure and, if needed, the specific Public Name for each registration. The list will display the current disclosure of the ingredient within the product (1) and allow you to revise (2).

Below is an example of a registration that contains Water. Before the bulk update, the Public Name is listed in the registration as “Sea Water”.

From the display of registrations containing the ingredient, you can then revise the registrations with the updated information, as well as revise the disclosure (1) and the specific Public Name for the registration (2).

Then save (1).

In reviewing the specific registration, you’ll see that the public name disclosure, as well as the Public Name, were successfully revised using the Ingredient Library bulk update feature.

Using your Master Ingredient List to reduce product registration time

When it’s time to enter ingredients into the formulation table during product registration, your new Ingredient Library can be easily accessed for each entry with a convenient dropdown option. Default settings from your list can be customized or changed for individual product registrations without affecting the original master ingredient entry into the library.


When creating or editing a registration in WERCSmart, on the ingredients table you’ll find a “Use My Ingredients” option.

When “Use My Ingredients” is selected, you are presented with your Library entries. You can then select single, or multiple, ingredients from the library. Please note, depending on the size of your library, there are multiple ingredient pages to select from.

In the example below, this registration consists of two ingredients. You can select them both (1 and 2) from the Library, revise the disclosure (3), and if needed, also select the proper Public Name (4) for the registration. Then select “ok” (5) from the library view.

Success! The ingredients selected from the Ingredient Library are now imported into the registration and disclosures are included. Next, provide specific percentages for each ingredient as it relates to the registration and continue.


Spending a little time in the beginning to set up an Ingredient Library can save a lot of time in the end when registering your products. A Master Ingredient List enables you to:

  1. Establish your Ingredient Library

  2. Quickly import ingredients into your registration process without having to enter each ingredient individually

  3. Maintain ingredients throughout your account using the Ingredient Library bulk update feature.


If you have an interest in learning more about how to set up a Master Ingredient List, please reach out to our Customer Service Team by submitting a service ticket or send a chat request. We look forward to helping!

The WERCSmart program provides a secure, permission-based platform that facilitates the safe exchange of product information between manufacturers, intermediaries, and retailers with the highest standards of confidentiality and service.