Where's the back button?  They forgot the "back" button!?

In WERCSmart 2.0, we've eliminated the button that allows you to go backward screen by screen.  This was a slow process and you just wanted to get to a certain area quickly.

As you work through your registration, you'll see there are four (4) parts to every registration:

  • Product Type
  • Product Characteristics
  • Recipient and UPC Details
  • Review and Submit

Within each of these parts, there are other divisions.  For example, in the Product Type portion you have:

  • The Product
  • Physical Property

In the Details portion, you may see:

  • Formula
  • Regulatory
  • Transport

As you work through each of these areas, they collapse.  To Edit any area, you can go to the "Tab" and then select the portion.  It will then open / expand and allow you to edit.

No more "back" button!  You now simply go where you want, and use the "edit" feature on the section!