We will be hosting live webinars where customers of WERCSmart can view some of the changes and features to the system that are being implemented on February 3rd. 

To sign up and participate in a webinar, please contact the Support team either by ticket, or via email (WERCSmartCustomer@ul.com) to make your reservation.

Webinars will be held during the following times (Eastern) on a daily basis, excluding Saturday (1/27) and Sunday (1/28):




Participants will be shown the new Home Page, navigation, and status filters.  Also the My Account area improvements.  New features such as the Message Center, Solution Center and Retail Partners will also be highlighted.  Your host will also do a general product registration, as well as a registration for an electronic that includes a battery.  Participants will be asked to send any questions or comments, after the demonstration, via support ticket or email and your specific questions or comments will be addressed by a support team representative.  This will maintain confidentiality of attendees in each session.

There are limited slots available for each session, so sign up early to ensure you get the time and day you prefer!