Sometimes you just want to know where your product is in the process of Assessment and Data Transfer to your recipients / retailers.  When you are in WERCSmart 2.0, on the Home Page, you'll see the status indicators in several areas:

  • Product Information Graphic
  • My Products Filter Options

The status indicators are color coded and the color codes also surround the retailer abbreviation on each registration you make.

So what does each status mean?

Not Yet Submitted

You've started creating a registration in your WERCSmart account and are still working on it.  You've named the registration to coincide with the product's labeling or documentation and have made the Product Name specific enough so that people know what it is, but haven't gotten too detailed with "counts" or "packs".  As long as the data you enter applies to several UPCs, that's one WERCSmart registration.

Assessment in Progress

You've entered all of the required information in the registration and you've sent the registration data to WERCSmart's Regulatory Assessment Team.  They're looking over the data, running calculations, and ensuring any documents you've provided, such as a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is compliant with the regulations (i.e. OSHA).  This takes about two business days.

Needs Your Attention

During the assessment process, a discrepancy may be noted with the data provided, or the data provided isn't providing the expected output when calculations are applied.  There's a question, or issue, that needs your attention.  Many times, these issues can be addressed with a simple update to the data, such as flash point.  If a product is in this status, you likely have a corresponding alert, or Message, which outlines the issue or question and also provides some guidance on how to fix it.  You can edit the data, and resubmit it to the Assessment team.

Sending to Retailers

The assessment data is finalized by the Regulatory Assessment Team and the assessment report that is used by the retailers is ready to go!  The retailer's data transfer occurs at varying times throughout the day and is based on the Retailer's requirement.  The majority of retailers receive a data transfer of WERCSmart Assessments once per day, typically in the evening hours, so their internal systems are updated overnight (U.S.).  Exceptions to the daily data transfer are:

  • Walmart and Affiliates
  • Sears Corporation / K-Mart
  • The Home Depot

These retailers have an hourly data transfer.

Accepted by Retailers

It's done!  Assessments, generated from your product registration data, have been received by the recipient / retailer!  Once your registration indicator shows green, your "good to go" and do other things with the registration, such as add more UPCs, send the same registration to additional retailers (known as Forwarding), and more!  You can also update the data, in the future, and resubmit it for a revised assessment.

Why does the product change from "Accepted by Retailers" to "Sending to Retailers"?  I thought I was done!

Occasionally, the WERCSmart team re-sends assessment data to the recipients, to ensure the most current information has been provided.  Also, there are times the recipients (or retailers) request that an assessment be resent to them.  It's just cycling through again, ensuring the data is always at its most accurate!

For further clarity around Reports you may pull in WERCSmart, please see the quick reference listing below:

New: Product has not been submitted yet or was rejected (Rejection can only happen on a submission that has never been completed prior)

Assigned: Product is going through review with our Regulatory Review Team

Accepted: Product has completed review and is queuing to feed to the Retailer(s)

Release for Distribution: Product has been pulled into the feed sequence and is actively feeding to the Retailer(s)

Completed: Product has successfully fed to the Retailer(s)

Suspended: Product has prior completed, but now requires a Data Update of some sort (Could be either WERCSmart prompted or Supplier User driven)