The release of UL's WERCSmart 2.0 is around the corner.  In anticipation of the revised portal, here's what you can expect:


We heard you!  WERCSmart is faster and more efficient, as well as more attractive.  Key highlights of WERCSmart 2.0, which was developed based on customer feedback, includes:

  • Fewer clicks required during registration
  • Consistent formats
  • Updated graphics guided by User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) sciences
  • Decreased regulatory jargon and streamlined processes
  • Improved overall customer experience for Supplier and Recipient

We hope you look forward to the new WERCSmart 2.0!  Thank you for your prior input and we look forward to future input as well.  Our goal is to continually improve the site, and consider your suggestions, for future updates to the new portal.  We will be posting some videos to the site in advance of WERCSmart 2.0's availability to ensure you're familiar with the new system.