Ingredient combinations, or the concentration of any ingredient, impacts the product and its properties.  WERCSmart uses ingredient information to ensure regulatory classification is accurate.  Full ingredient details, including percentages of each ingredient, is required when registering most types of products in WERCSmart.  If you don't know the ingredients and percentage present of each ingredient in your product, you may need to contact your Research & Development team, or your Chemists, to get this information.  

WERCSmart refers to "chemical-containing products".  For the purpose of WERCSmart, "chemicals" are substances or compounds. Chemicals can be mixtures (see 3rd Party formula in Solution Center) or singular elements. Chemicals can be organic or inorganic.  Examples of common chemicals may be water, salt, or lemongrass.

During formula entry, you may provide ingredients by using either of the following methods:

  • CAS (Chemical Abstract Services) Number; or
  • Ingredient Name

CAS Numbers are unique identifiers, numeric, for a chemical or formula.  CAS numbers may contain up to 10 digits, in three sections, separated by hyphens.  The last digit is a check digit, and is used to verify the algorithm assigned to that specific chemical.

For each ingredient detail you provide, you can also indicate if the ingredient is publicly disclosed, or a Trade Secret.  Publicly disclosed ingredients are those which may be display on the product label, on your company's website for the product information, or on the product's Safety Data Sheet.  If you indicate the ingredient is publicly available, you can provide a common name for the ingredient, known in the registration process as the ingredient synonym.  You will also need to provide the percentage of each ingredient.  This data is used to determine the classifications for transport, waste, storage assessments to the retailer(s).

Using the 3rd Party registration process also will provide the ingredient details needed, especially if you obtain part of your product from another source.  Please refer to the solution center for more details about 3rd party formulas.

Should you be unable to find a specific ingredient, please submit a support ticket and attach the completed document (CAS or Synonym Ingredient Request form).  If the ingredient is a raw material, and you have the raw material Safety Data Sheet for the single ingredient, you do not need to submit the form but can provide the SDS and information by completing a support ticket.  

Don't have a Raw Material Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the ingredient you need?  Within the ticket requesting the ingredient be added to WERCSmart, you must provide the following:

  1. Manufacturer of the ingredient; and
  2. GHS Classification for the ingredient; and
  3. Physical State of the ingredient (if it is a liquid, also provide the flash point); and
  4. The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) inventory status of the ingredient

Also, in the absence of a Raw Material SDS, in addition to the items listed above, if a PMN or EPA Accession number is available for the ingredient, please provide.  This will be used in WERCSmart as the CAS number for the ingredient.

The assessment team will review this information and provide you with a suitable existing ingredient to select or they will establish the ingredient for selection in the database.  You will be advised once the ingredient is available and this typically takes less than a business day.