As of late September 2017, the Privacy Policy is converted to Recipient-specific permissions, set by the WERCSmart Account. To manage your account's Data Permissions, you would log into WERCSmart and go to the My Account settings. From there, on the left-menu options, choose My Data and Recipients. Per retailer, or recipient, you can then determine what level of permissions you wish to provide with regard to your registration's assessment data. This includes, but is not limited to, CAS number and ingredient name information for items indicated to be publicly disclosed. 

Third-Party Formulators should also designate their permissions for all retailers or recipients, even though there may not be a direct relationship with any specific retailer for Third-Party Formula registrations. 

New Accounts are encouraged to establish this permission, per recipient, when creating the account and before submitting any registrations for assessment. Existing WERCSmart Account Administrators should update this information once available in WERCSmart (September 30, 2017). Please refer to the Enhancement support article for details. 

FAQ attached.