Data Use Clarifications - Terms of Use, Data Use Tiers and Consent

Effective Date:  September 30, 2017

The confidentiality of your product data is of the utmost importance to us.  In response to your feedback and concerns following the June 2017 release, we will further clarify our data use policy.  Effective with the September 30, 2017 release, we will introduce four (4) Data Use Tiers that are intended to give you control as to how your data is used.  Namely, data use for non-regulatory purposes will require additional supplier consent.  In other words, if a retailer requests a supplier's participation in a non-regulatory Data Use Tier, the supplier decides whether to authorize the use of data for such purposes.

To consolidate and clarify our policies, these changes will be included in a single Terms of Use document and will replace the separate Privacy Policy.

For your convenience, we've included below a summary of each Data Use Tier.  In the coming weeks we will be distributing additional documents, such as a FAQ, to help clarify your options.  In the meantime, we encourage you to review the policy for full details.

Tier 1 Regulatory Support (all recipients that handle your product)

All WERCSmart registered suppliers currently provide this consent.  This allows for the use of data to provide basic regulatory support to recipients.  No action is required by you.

Tier 2 Chemical Program Support (optional, supplier-designated recipients)

This authorizes the use of supplier data to provide Chemical Program Support, including generating aggregate chemical usage reports, screening formulations against a retailer's Restricted Substances List, or providing publicly disclosed ingredient lists for a product.  That data will include the CAS numbers for any publicly disclosed ingredients in a product (but not the CAS numbers for any undisclosed ingredient, trade secret ingredient, or third-party component).  The identity of any third-party component provider will not be disclosed.

Tier 3 Supplemental Report Support (optional, supplier-designated recipients)

This allows for the use of data in sustainability evaluations, product qualifications and rating programs, assortment curation programs, and supplier qualification programs operated by a designated recipient.

Compare the current Terms of Use with the new changes that will take effect on September 30 by viewing the attached lined PDF.

Annual Price Increase

Effective Date:  September 12, 2017

To continue to help you organize and share sensitive product information with the highest standards of confidentiality and service, UL will implement an annual price increase for ucstomers renewing annual WERCSmart subscriptions or first-time subscribers on or after September 12, 2017.

Key details include:

3% increase for suppliers who have between 1-25 products registered in WERCSmart.  This is an average annual cost increase of $42.

6% increase for suppliers who have between 37-400 products registered in WERCSmart.  This is an average annual cost increase of $270.

9% increase for suppliers who have over 400 products registered in WERCSmart.  This is an average annual cost increase of $5,400.

PurView Participation Price Reduction

Effective Date:  September 12, 2017

In an effort to help you expand market reach by getting on store shelves of a growing list of sustainability-focused retailers, we will offer a new subscription category called "Limited+".  Prior to this addition, customers were required to upgrade from "Limited" to "Standard" or "Premium" plans.  To allow for more flexibility and a cost-effective way to participate, "Limited+" has been established.  To calculate the cost of "Limited+", you will add 25% to your current subscription price.  For example, if your current subscription is $1,000 per year, you will add $250 per year to your subscription price.

New Subscription Category Addition (for "Enhanced Articles")

Effective Date:  September 12, 2017

To address the ever-growing product categories requiring varying WERCSmart regulatory evaluations, we will add a third subscription product category (i.e., "Enhanced Articles" - Lithium-ion battery-containing products, beverages, etc.).

New Questions for CVS Private-Label Products

Effective Date:  September 30, 2017

In an effort to reduce the number of products containing chemicals of concern on store shelves, CVS has requested that UL WERCSmart collect regulatory/safety data on its Private-Label products.  

Suppliers registering CVS Private-Label, formulated products in WERCSmart will view the following additional set of questions that will appear after the product registration and prior to PurView registration.  Please note that this will not trigger recertification for any product at this time.

What is the CVS Store Brand associated to this product (selection)?

If you select "Other", please indicate the brand (text).

Who is the Product Development Manager (PDM) for this product (selection)?

If you select "Other", please indicate the Product Development Manager (text).

What is the CVS merchandising category for this product (selection)?

If you select "Other", indicate your product category (text).

Is the product specifically designed, marketed or labeled for infants, babies or children (Y/N)?

Is this a topically used product which includes but is not limited to liquids, ointments, bath soaps/bombs, scrubs, masks, wipes, lotions, creams and gels (Y/N)?

Is this product intended to be rinsed off after use (Y/N)?

Please indicate if the product's packaging includes one of the following (multiple selections).

Is this an ingestible Over-the-Counter (Y/N)?

Is this product a hand/body sanitizer, wash or cleanser (Y/N)?

Reminder:  Clear Browser Cache and Cookies after September 30, 2017


Product Formulation page

New page that allows suppliers to specify the "public name" of each ingredient