With the newer support system, the ticket status indicators are slightly different than what you may be used to.  Here's a brief explanation of the current ticket statuses and what they mean.

Open:  Customer has initiated a new issue or ticket to Support, or support has opened a new ticket or issue to a customer.

Resolved:  A reply has been made in response to the issue by Support.  Customer can still reply to a resolved ticket, which resets the status to Open.

Closed:  After 7 days, a resolved ticket that is not updated by either party, will be closed.  Customer can still reply to a closed ticket, which resets the status to Open.

Waiting on 3rd Party:  If an issue needs to incorporate the assistance of another WERCSmart department, such as Regulatory or Development, the ticket status will be set to Waiting on 3rd Party making the customer aware that it is being worked on and a reply is forthcoming.

Pending:  Support, or another WERCSmart department, is waiting on further information from the customer before the issue or ticket can be resolved.