When your product uses an ingredient from another source (e.g. Formulator) outside your organization, you may need to coordinate with your supplier and request they register their proprietary formulation into WERCSmart, using their own WERCSmart account.  CAS addition requests performed by our regulatory professionals are only done if the ingredient itself is a raw material that may not be actively available in our database.  They are unable to set up mixture, blends or formulas from other providers in the WERCSmart system.

The process is fairly simple, but you should be aware that it takes some time to get this process completed due to the addition of more pieces to the puzzle.  

When you know you have a blend from another source, typically colorants, fragrances, pigments, or polymers, you are encouraged to immediately contact your provider of this ingredient and discuss with them the need you have to insert their confidential and proprietary information into your WERCSmart registration.

The formulator will then create a WERCSmart account, if they don't already have one established and will not be required to enroll in any subscription in order to fulfill the formula registration requested.

Once the formulator logs into their WERCSmart account, they will select to register a 3rd Party Formula from the options provided.  The formulator will name their formulation registration and provide the ingredient details which remain confidential and are not shared with you, the primary supplier.  The formulator will indicate if they want to restrict access to this ingredient, or not, and then will submit the registration to the shopping cart.  The formulator, although not required to have a subscription at this time, will then need to go to the shopping cart and submit their order.

Here's a demonstration on how to create a 3rd-Party Formula registration in WERCSmart

When we receive the data, we will then set up this formula as an ingredient that is available for selection in the WERCSmart system.  We will notify the formulator once this is set up and available in WERCSmart, who then will contact you, the Primary Supplier, and give you the necessary Code needed, which is used as your CAS number for your product.

If the formulator has indicated the use of the ingredient is restricted, you may need to enter an authorization code.  Your formulator can furnish you with that information.

Be aware - once a formula is submitted as a registration, it cannot be updated due to the impact of registrations that the formula may be use within.  If there are any changes to the ingredients or percentages of the formula registration, a new formula registration would need to take place.  The formulator should communicate the update to their customers so the actual product supplier can revise (update) their registration and resubmit for assessment.

Formula confidentiality is paramount when using the WERCSmart system.  By following the process, both parties, the formulator and primary supplier, may successfully register the required data, enabling the WERCSmart system to provide an assessment report to the specific recipient of the Product and UPCs.  If you have further questions regarding this process, please feel free to contact us via ticket or telephone!