If you're registering items in WERCSmart to the following Retailers, you will need to set up your Supplier ID in your WERCSmart account:

  • Walmart, Sam's Club
  • Sears, K-Mart
  • O'Reilly Auto

Log into WERCSmart and go to the My Retail Partner and select the appropriate retailer.

Use the "Add" button to add the following information to your account settings:

  • Supplier ID
  • Description (your company's name as known by the Retailer)
  • Indicate if this ID is active and if it is to be your user/login default

Save the information.

It is possible to have more than one Supplier ID for a retailer.  And, over time, earlier Supplier IDs may become inactive, so you can update this as necessary for your account.

Walmart's Supplier ID is six (6) digits.  You may be issued a 9-digit identifier.  You will use the first six digits for your ID in WERCSmart.

Sears' Supplier ID is your DUNS number and can be 11 digits in length.  If necessary, add zeros to the beginning of your DUNS number to make the length 11 digits.