Currently there are various levels of subscription. 

Tiers of Subscription:

  • Limited
  • Standard
  • Premium

Types of Subscription:

  • Formulated
  • Articles

What is a Formulated Subscription?

You would need a formulated subscription if your registrations require ingredient details during the registration process.  An example of formulated registrations in WERCSmart are items such as detergents, cleansers, make-up, nutritional supplements, paints, stand-alone batteries, etc.  

What is an Article Subscription?

Article subscription is for items that may be sold with a battery included, electronics that don't have a battery, Kit registrations (two unlike registrations sharing a Uniform Product Code - UPC).  No ingredient details are collected during the registration of these product types.

Unsure whether your product type would be Formulated or an Article before finalizing your subscription selection?  Ask us and we'll try to help.