Password Minimum Length:  8 characters

Password Maximum Length:  25 characters

Password Character Requirements:

  • 1 Uppercase
  • 1 Lowercase
  • 1 Numeric
  • 1 Special character or punctuation mark

Minimum Password Age before eligible to change (days):  2

Failed Login Attempts before Lockout occurs:  3

Lockout Period (minutes):  30

Do Passwords expire?  Yes

Maximum days before password expires: 90

Number of days you will be notified in advance of the password expiration:  15

Reusing Passwords:

You cannot use the last 10 passwords

WERCSmart will provide several security questions.  After you've established your responses to these questions, you may reset your password when needed by using the Forgot Password link on the login area.  Or, you may contact Support and request a password reset be provided to you.

If you don't get password reset emails, be sure the email of is permitted and not blocked in your email settings or check you email junk or spam folders.