Do you have a group of products that are packaged together and then share a Universal Product Code or UPC?  Registering these in the WERCSmart system is a process and here's an outline of the steps needed to submit this type of registration.  In WERCSmart, these are considered Kits or Multi-Packs.

Create one of the individual products as its own product registration in WERCSmart.  (*If the product is never sold alone, select No Retailer for this registration.  Do not select the retailer that is getting the Kit assessment.)

While you rest, or work on something else, our Review team will be working on assessing the product registrations you've sent over.  Take a break, as the assessment processing takes about two (2) business days before you can do the next step!

Once the assessments are complete (check My Products status information), you're ready to finish assembling the Kit registration and actually putting the retailer and UPC onto the registrations!

Create a new registration and select the appropriate Kit Product Type:

  • Cosmetic Products in a Kit
  • Hair Color Kit
  • Hair Care Kit
  • Other (Misc. Kit Product)
  • Emergency Road Kit
  • Automotive Care Kit
  • Personal Care Product Kit

Continue through the registration process and submit the Kit registration for assessment!

For a Kit registration, Safety Data Sheet uploads are not required, as the Safety Data Sheets were provided on the individual registrations.  If you need to update a Safety Data Sheet, you'll have to perform the update on the individual product registration and resubmit the registrations (Kit and Individual product).

Here's a demonstration on creating a Kit registration in WERCSmart:

Kit Demonstration