Most product registrations will require you to provide a compliant Safety Data Sheet (SDS) specific to the region the registration will be used.  If you're supplying the registration for a retailer located in Canada, then the SDS will need to be compliant with Canadian standards (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System - WHMIS).  Likewise, if the registration is for a retailer located in the United States, the SDS will need to comply with the Department of Labor's OSHA (Occupational Safety and Heath Administration) standards.

You may use the links shown to access the SDS standards for the various regions:

Registrations may also require product labels.  The Label would be used during the assessment process for ensure all ingredients are accounted for, and may also verify Volatile Organic Compounds for some products.

During the registration process, you will be prompted to provide documentation, as noted by the type of product you're registering.  All documents provided must be in a PDF format and must be less than 4 MB file size.  File names should not contain special characters or spaces.  You may need to compress the file, if your file exceeds 4MB in size.  Sometimes adjusting the DPI of the file helps, or re-scanning putting multiple pages on a view and saving as a new file.

If you have additional documents about your product that you believe would assist in the assessment of your product, you may upload those during the registration process.  These may be reports or tests you've had done on your product such as Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedures (TCLP).  By providing additional documentation, this gives our Assessment Reviewers information to possibly reduce a Waste Classification on your product, which in turn may reduce fees for your product from retailers.

Document uploads are performed in the registration process in the tab, "Review and Submit".

Kits, and registrations that are sold with a battery included, may not require a document upload.  This is due to the fact the document was provided, as required, in the initial registration of the product contained in the Kit, or with the battery registration itself.