In order to register a battery-containing product in WERCSmart, you need to be sure the manufacturer, or source, of the battery that is included with the product, has preliminarily registered the battery in their own WERCSmart account.

A battery supplier will register the battery details.  Once the registration assessment is finalized by our regulatory team, the battery is added to the WERCSmart system and will be available to select during the registration process for the Battery-Containing Product.

Registering a Battery-Containing Product collects no documents (Technical Data Sheet or Safety Data Sheet) as these documents are collected with the registration of the Battery itself.  You will need to provide the Retailer information, Uniform Product Code (UPC) details, and the Product Type and Name.

Battery-Containing Products are classified as Articles for the purpose of Subscription.

Attached is an outline of the steps required when registering a battery-containing product in WERCSmart.