Once you submit your product's registration data through your WERCSmart shopping cart, the data is reviewed by a team of Regulatory Specialists.  The Specialists use your product data to create an Assessment Report, which provides the Retailer the information they need to properly handle your product when in their possession.  This would include how to:

  • Clean up the product in case of spills;
  • Handle the product if returned to their location by a consumer;
  • Store the product in their distribution centers and within stores;
  • Transport the product from the distribution centers to store locations or to consumers.

The Assessment process is a review of the complete data, and any documentation you may provide with your registration, such as a Safety Data Sheet (SDS).  It is very important that the information you provide coincides with the information that is listed on the SDS provided.  An SDS provides much of the information needed for the registration data entry, but will not provide the required full ingredient listing.  You may need to obtain this information from your formulator, or manufacturer.  Due to confidentiality of ingredients, you may need to ask your supplier of the ingredients to separately register this data in WERCSmart.  Please refer to the 3rd Party Ingredient process.

The Assessment process takes about two (2) business days.